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Saharou Ourobou


My name ist Saharou Tchedre, I am the director of Espoir plus in Sokodé. Interviewer: When and how did you get to know Arafat Ourobou Tchakpedeou and Couleurs Afrik? Tchedre: Mr. Arafat is a togolese brother from Skokodé City. He grew up in Sokodé. For his studies he went to Lomé, where he got the chance to go to Germany. During this period we held a close relatioship and brotherhood until today. Arafat ist dynamic and very ambitious since he was young, in order to achive his will. Once he was in Germany we continued having our good relationship to fulfill his engagement. He created the association Couleurs Afrik in 2014 to promote unity between the German an the African culture. Couleurs plus is finacial and technical partner with Espor plus or projects, since 2014.

Interviewer: How would you describe your relationship with Mister Arafat? Tchedre: My relationship to Mister Arafat ist first of all a brotherhood. Our collectiv ambition is to create developement projects for our country, especially in Sokodé.

Interviewer: How did you started our work together on the project in the city of Sokodé? Tchedre: We started our partnership by inviting some people to the Afrikatage in Schwerin. During this day we organized meetings for exchange to share some ideas and experience that can help us to overcome all misery that exists between Africa and Europe. An exchange based on long developement. It is in this perspective that we have visited SAS company in Schwerin and through that visit we decided to create a company in Sokodé that reflects SAS company in Germany.

Interviewer: What have you achieved so far with your projects? Tchedre: With Couleurs Afrik we have realized many things, such as setting up an equipement for transport of household refuse, one motobike, one thousend garbage cans. Garbage bins in twenty schools of Sokodé. Building a compostmachine for fermantable garbage.

Interviewer: What does your association need to improve? Tchedre: We need financial material needs to satisy the needs of the population.

Interviewer: Why is your ccoperation with Couleurs Afrik important for you and the people of Sokodé? Tchedre: Our cooperation with Couleurs Afrik is very important for us because it allows us very easily financial transfer in order to continue our project concerning householder refuse and to create jobs for the women and the young people of Sokodé.

Interviewer: In your opinion, what resposability does Europe has towards Africa? What is the importance of Europe for Africans? Tchedre: There is a close relationship between Europe and Africa in many domains of life. Europa is an eldoradoland for us Africans. That is wha many Africans leave Africa towards Europe. It creats migration. During their voyage many of them die in the sea. That is the concequence. To reduce this illegal migration and it’s concequences Europe has responsabilities to face: Accompany Africa financially, techically and in comany creations. Secondly allow leaders to reinforce company cappacity in Africa.

Interviewer: What are you wishes for your partnership with Couleur Afrik? Tchedre: Our will is to accomplish the boject of our partnership. Secondly to make a link between Sokodé and Schwerin town.

Interviewer: What is the advantage of that partnership for you and Sokodés people. Tchedre: This partnership allows us to do some projects for longterm developement, to create employment and much more. Well, it s a great partnership for us.

transcript by Tchedre Saharou