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Teshome Toaspern Alemitu Aeda


Teshome and I have known each other since we were children. We grew up in the same village and went to school together.

I enjoy talking about Teshome. He is always so polite to everyone and is very well liked by all our villagers. He is a role model for all of us and has supported disadvantaged people for a very long time. When he was at school he was always very ambitious and hardworking.

We initiated our first projects twelve years ago. At that time Teshome came to the village with the idea of offering us long-term support. We were extremely pleased about that. We had always hoped that someone would come and help us. We are really happy with what we have achieved through him.

We have assisted a large number of students and trainees to finance their studies which we are still continuing to do. In addition we would like to erect a workshop for the large number of unemployed young people here. They could then work there and earn their keep independently.

The work with Nirro has brought a lot of positive changes to our village. A large number of young people who would not have been able to finance any studies have now had the opportunity to achieve their professional dreams. We have been able to supply many single women and widows with foodstuff and we have also been able to rebuild houses which had been destroyed. Our village school has been furnished with laptops, a digital projector and printer so that our children can learn with access to modern communication methods. Needy children received school uniforms, books and we have paid their school fees, some right up to today.

Without any doubt Europe shares the responsibility for Africa. The agricultural products which our farmers plant and harvest through hard work and great effort, for example coffee, must finally be paid fair prices. That alone would be a great help for Africa.

Our hopes for the future are that we will stay healthy and that our strength remains so that we can continue to work with Teshome and Nirro for a long time to come.

The name of the village in Ethiopia is Merti in Methara.

transcript by Alemitu Aeda