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Luca Dorina Arnold


I got to know the Dom parish of Güstrow already in July 2007 when the partnership contract between the parish of Mtii and Güstrow was signed on July 8, 2007. I met Arnold Fuchs and Dorina Mania from the partnership group in 2017 when the 10th anniversary of the partnership was celebrated.

The church community of Güstrow has supported us in Mtii with various projects that have helped many people in the community and also strengthened our parish. One of them was the financial support of orphans in the community so that they can be granted a good school education. For this purpose, social workers have been trained who have established contact with the orphans and taken over their social care. Other projects were a goat project for single women and widows, the establishment of a trumpet choir, the provision of computers for education and currently the development of a kindergarten together with the training of a kindergarten teacher. Church bells were organized by the parish of Güstrow and the bell towers were built by the parish of Mtii.

We celebrate the religious beliefs together between Mtii and Güstrow through sharing the bridge service almost every year on May. During the bridge service we shared the sermons, prayers and Praise when we sing a popular song " Ahsante sana Yesu.......".

Sometimes we partake the Holy Communion when we believe in One God, One Baptism and One faith.

On July 8, 2007 the partnership agreement between Güstrow and Mtii was signed and the first project was the orphan project. We achieved many things with projects so far: 

With the orphan project many orphans have been able to run their families. Those who were supported in primaries and secondaries they have now their own profession and are well running their Familie as well.

Through the goats project we were able to increase the number of goats and families who drink milk, which lead to improve their health.

Due to the water project, the entire community in Mtii can drink clean water and this improves their  health. The church bells from Güstrow invite christian to the Sunday service and the trumpets are used in Sunday service, burial service and sometimes to welcome our guests when they come to our parish.

The kindergarten project  helps to build a good educational foundation for our children.

The computer project will help those drop out students to open a new page of their future life.

Europe has the responsibility for health care, educational facilities and peace in Africa.

Europe has to provide loans to African to run different development projects like water projects, electricity projects, transport system projects and educational and health projects.

I wish our partnership can be shine and become stronger more and more.

transcript by Pastor Luca